Poets of Autumn

Leaves have fallen;
we rake and burn them.
Smoke signals scent the season

O! How time does go on,
the pendulum never stopping.
No need to grieve for the trees;
they will endure.

Though the air is gathering a chill,
our Isadora scarves
dance in the wind.
We live in the miracle of today.

This moment is irretrievable;
store it in your heart.
Time stops for no one,
but it will pause for your song.


  1. Thanks, Ely,

    I have never seen a linden tree, but my granddaughter gave me a box of tea made from the linden berry.
    It is delicious. It is Autumn that makes me so light of heart. What a beautiful time of year, even though it
    is a while yet before the leaves will turn.



  2. HI Sarah

    Love the allusion to Isadora Duncan in these lines —

    Though the air is gathering a chill,
    our Isadora scarves
    dance in the wind.
    We live in the miracle of today.

    And how true, Autumn is not only a time to reap the harvest but also to “seize the day”. The brightness of a moment becomes a small eternity of meaning and joy in one’s memory. Everything about this poem is lovely and splendored with the flaming spirit of Autumn. Thank you for sharing this! I can relate to the feeling it conveys and relish in the thought of those leaves dancing in the wind along with my own spirit.!

    Take care

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  3. Sarah, love the lines,, no need to grieve for the trees,
    they will endure. Yes they will. Your words recoup the
    strength within the reader. Trees will endure, and so shall I.


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  4. Happy October to you, Sarah!

    Lovely, lovely poem in this lovely, lovely season! Welcome, Autumn!

    Jan (enjoying a weekend at the beach with refreshing breezes)

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  5. Dear Jan,

    Happy October. You know how to live right!

    You have the best hangouts…your porch, the beach, and those walks you
    take with your camera that shows us the picture of peace and beauty.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!



  6. I loved this Sarah… the thought of time stopping for our song and the images of autumn. I like to imagine that it pauses even when our song is off key.🙂.



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  7. first–I can’t believe the synchronicity with a poem I just wrote!! I say ‘Kyoto in irretrievable autumn’—yes time does go by but some say time is illusion–I love the idea of don’t worry about the trees (they’ll be ok 0)US TOO

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  8. Kalliejazz,

    So awesomely good to have you comment on my poem.
    It doesn’t surprise me at all that our thoughts sync. You
    have been on my mind. Thank you, thank you for your comment,
    for being here, for being!



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