Beloved Land

I learned to love you when I was a tot

Delighted in your flowers and your trees,

I fretted when your days were blazing hot

And revelled in your cool tropical breeze.


I’ve gambolled on your golden sandy shores

And walked your hills and plains when I was young

I’ve listened to your thunder’s rolls and roars,

And cried when I have heard your Anthem sung.


I’ve watched the sun rise in the early morn,

Poui trees on the mountains like pots of gold,

Seen moon and stars a velvet night adorn…

So blessed in this small corner of the world.


Now when I look at you my heart is sore,

Your rich earth stained by the blood of your sons

So many dead and every day there’re more,

When will they lay aside their knives and guns.


Though your beauty’s still there for all to see

I hardly recognise you Kairi.


Note… kairi – Amerindian word for island

4 replies on “Beloved Land”


You make me want to throw my swimsuit into a bag and head for those sandy beaches.
It is clear that you love your beautiful country and that you worry. May wisdom override
the stupidity that seems to have spread world wide across the globe. I believe that good
will defeat bad in every situation. It’s the time frame that causes such consternation.

I very much enjoyed your poem.



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