The Muse Channels Frida Kahlo

The muse channels Frida Kahlo

 Thank you for your submission but we are going to pass  on this one….

                             The Morning Glory Review

She evacuates me from the storm

as waves of rejection hit the coast

and piles sandbags around my brain

so its logic won’t break down, Next


she moves us further in, deep

in the center of myself. The place lit

with a candle lamp and hung mirror.


She sits on a stool

and begins cutting off her hair,

the clippings fall, scatter across the floor,

writhing like eels in the glass-flung light. Her face


all bisque as she looks toward them and says —

the loose ends of self pity. And then


we refocus on the flame,

see what else it summons.


  1. The muse is a wondrous thing, Wendy, and she always seems to be sitting on your shoulder.
    These poems that appear to flow so effortlessly from your pen are born of blood and pulse. I am
    indebted to you for what you give.

    Frida painted some awesome insights into her self, so many different moods and attitudes. I know her relationship with her husband was volatile and I always kind of blamed him. Your poem caused me to look
    more closely at her paintings and I wonder now if those two personalities might not have shared the blame. She seems to be so many persons. I love Diego’s sunflowers and his painting of lilies, too, but I can not imagine how impossible life would be when exposed to his company day after day.

    You have defined the way to the Muse and to the Light with this poem. It is intricate and lovely. So very deep and true.



  2. As one who has submitted and contributed
    to literary journals that publish poetry, I can relate.

    As a reader, I can feel frustration
    in the waves of rejection, the way
    one must keep submitting
    and put sandbags around the brain for protection
    so one doesn’t give up.

    Then there is the picture of Frida Kahlo
    after she found out her painter husband was having an affair
    with her sister.
    She was devastated and cut off all of her hair.
    He had cheated before, but that was the difficult betrayal.
    I had read that he loved her long hair.
    It was symbolic in several ways, her cutting her hair.

    Yes, there was a little self pity
    but she deserved to indulge in some for a bit.
    And so the speaker in the poem can relate
    to some self pity, a little anger.
    These are human emotions
    that we all experience.

    The important thing is the refocus
    on the wonderful flame of art,
    and see what else comes up from within.

    Love this much!


  3. Dear Sarah

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful commentary on my poem!! I am glad you liked it and found an opportunity to further explore the life/temperament/art of Frida. She was a remarkable woman and very strong. Just saw the movie with Selma Hyak and Al Molina. Real good performance by both. Again, thank you!

    Dear Kerri

    You have captured the gist of this poem and its intent so keenly. I love your interpretation and deeply appreciate the time you have taken to comment on my work. It is so very much appreciated!!

    My best to you both!
    Take care

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