On The Lighter Side

These are the days of emojis,
They express what we feel, every mood,
Dancing, crying, laughing, mad,
In a place that is good or bad.
We can show all these with a ‘click’
And if we use words but need help
An emoticon can do the trick.
Real words are disappearing fast,
The urban dictionary’s here
And the mere thought of that
Is just plain downright scary.
So to you GF’s and BF’s out there
You BFF’s and BFFL’s
We have LOLed and ROFLed together, and
Life W/O you all would be so bland
But forgive me if at times
I am slow to understand.
I try to keep an eye outπŸ‘
For this new means of communication
But IDK the half of it
To the great consternation
Of many.
NM I’ll get the hang of it one day
But GTG now… L8R





  1. This is deserving of a huge LOL but I’m laughing too hard to figure out how to format it in the reply box..ok
    it can’t be done, and I’m still laughing).


    You have a talent! This is splendid!

    Thank you!!



  2. Good AM, Maryse,
    Thanks for the lighthearted verse this AM, a day to return to work after the Labor Day holiday. I enjoyed this. I, too, was a bit stumped with NM, but thought that’s what it could be, although I played with some other meanings. Emojis toss around comprehension skills a bit. Even 2nd graders love them; of course, it’s a prime means of communication in their world.


  3. Hi Maryse

    Really enjoyed this lighter view, this lighter side look at modern methods of communications! The poem is delightful and I full agree with the narrator, it is going to take me awhile, too, to understand all these new icons, acronyms and abbreviations. It is indeed a new version of hieroglyphics and I am still back aways in the old school of things.

    Again thank you,
    this made me smile!
    Take care


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