On the cusp of a sigh

Sultry summer
night wrapped in haze
Indecisive mist
rises from yesterday’s rain
Shadows linger
A full moon
mingles lemon
with pine
There is no hurry
for tomorrow




  1. Hi Sarah

    Yes, this is a reason to sigh with the sense of beauty an anticipation the evening brings. That lemon moon mingling with pine is gorgeous in every sense. I can picture it vividly; and the sultry lingering of Summer adds to this sense of mellow serenity. Lovely work as always!

    much enjoyed,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah,
    A lovely poem. It makes this early-AM, pre-work coffee even better. [Clink. Clink. Coffee cheers.] Brevity & beauty. You captured them together.


  3. A full moon and pine
    mixed with the mist of yesterday’s rain.

    Delicious for the senses and
    serene for the spirit.

    Much enjoyed.
    take care,


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