Bitter Tears

Bitter tears little one
not for the newborn softness of you
for the harshness you must endure
for the fervor with which you must
fight the psychedelic dust
for the way you struggle
to cast it from you.

Bitter tears pour
for the source of your  birth.
She that has grasped at evil straws
even now fighting, clawing her way
to a life that deserves the gift of  you.
Even your name awaits her voice.
For you little one, for you
who was fearfully and wonderfully made
my bitter tears I give to prayers.


9 replies on “Bitter Tears”


You have outdone even your self with this one. I can not read it with dry eyes.
Thank you for addressing this terrible social issue. You do a service to the babies,
to the world.

Beautifully written poetry with a cause that stops us all in midstep.

Thank you for sharing this one.



(My reply just vanished. Let me try this again.)

Dee, your poem stands strong. You open readers’ hearts to life-changing choices which humans make. We’re saddened when these choices involve our lil’ ones in society. How we wish to hold this lil’ one close & sing lullabies. We know the road ahead is going to be nothing but tough, a struggle, an uphill climb.



Thanks Jan, yes it is doubly sad when newborns and other children suffer from this devastation. You read so much of it these days.


And captures the fight, not only of the mother
“clawing her way to a life that deserves the gift”
but the fight of the child as well.

My best always.


Hi Dee

Beautiful poem that captures a very sad reality and your voice comes through with such grace and poignancy! I am very moved by this poem and thank you for sharing it. Life is such a precious gift and those small infants face so many challenges when their mothers have become addicted to dangerous habits.

Thank you!


Hi Dee so sad the plight of the worlds children.. I have cried tears of sorrow for the circumstances that our babies
are born into. My prayers for the children and for the healing and sobriety of the mothers…Praying they can be loved
Very moving


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