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Happy Anniversary to Us

Happy 55th. Anniversary Trinbago (a name coined locally for our twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago).We have so much to celebrate, for which to be grateful.

We live on two glorious but totally different islands. We have outstanding citizens who have brought glory to our country in academics, sport, science, the arts, even beauty pageants.

Our carnival is rated as the greatest show on earth, and our steel pan a most beautiful musical instrument.

For the most part we live in harmony, this melting pot of humanity, so many ethnic groups, diverse religious beliefs and cultural differences… this used to be paradise on earth.

We progressed by leaps and bounds. Oil rich we revelled during the boom years. Local businesses thrived and foreign investors flooded our shores. Despite the down turn in the economy, free tertiary education is available to many, we have every modern gadget at our disposal, our people travel frequently to far off places and yet…

Our crime rate on all levels is out of control, domestic violence and child abuse have become common practices, where will we go from here, we ask.

But Trinidadians, regardless of their religious persuasion, are for a great part a praying people, praying for peace in our land, praying for an end to the divisiveness
that has reared its ugly head.

Poor me, ‘I eh fish, flesh nor fowl. I am brown and yellow, black and white…some ah dis, and some ah dat, I eh rich, but I eh poverty stricken. I am some of everything, a veritable patchwork.

May God bless our lovely nation




6 replies on “Happy Anniversary to Us”


I am so very honored that you chose The Pub as the place to publish this.
It is written with love, with vision and with honesty. So very well done.
I hope you will contact your local newspapers so they can print it too.
It is so very well written.

Many thanks for sharing!



I loved reading this as pride was standing TALL in this script. You do love your land. That’s how it should be. We love our homeland & cherish successes & future possibilities. I do hope your local newspapers share this as well. It’s an honor to see it here on our Pub’s blog space. Memorable quote>>”I eh fish, flesh nor fowl. I am brown and yellow, black and white…some ah dis, and some ah dat, I eh rich, but I eh poverty stricken. I am some of everything, a veritable patchwork.” That’s pure spiritual writing I’d say.
Take care.


Hi Maryse

I agree with Sarah, please send this beautifully written piece to one of your local newspapers. It speaks of your nation’s beauty and its needs. You capture the spirit of being a “Trrini” with such conviction and passion!
I am moved by your sense of pride as well as your wise insight. This is a gem and should expand to a wide audience at home and here on the net. Thank you so much for sharing this!

take care


Thank you Sarah. I do love my home land. It is a crying shame that a few monsters are doing their best to destroy it.




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