1. What stories indeed!


    “where the stone sieve

    strains the language of water”

    ….Resonant with an aura of ancient lore. You create tone
    and scene as only a maestro can do.

    Thank you!



  2. Hi Sarah

    So glad you enjoyed this one and deeply appreciate the wonderful endorsement. Was thinking of the pipelines going through the heart of our country and the dangers of it. But particularly, the threat to the land and the safety of the water not to mention the sacredness of water/meaning to the indigenous tribes like those protesting at Standing Rock. I fear that oil will leak with other toxins and do much ruin to what is an underwater gift and necessity from God.

    Again, thank you!


  3. Wendy, you have said so much in so few words. I really like that you didn’t put a question mark at the end.
    To “strain the language of water” is a powerful image. Thank you.


  4. Hi Ptc.

    Thank you so for reading and commenting on this poem! Your kind thoughts and interest in this poem are so deeply appreciated. As for the sentence, it was not meant to be a question but simply a continuation of

    “what is most relevant
    to the body of land and tribe,

    what stories or secrets have been kept
    in the earth’s girdle of silt.

    In pasting this from a revised file in Word to here, I did not correct the punctuation. There should have been only a “comma” after tribe and “what” of “what stories or secrets” should have not been capitalized because it is a continuation of those things which the aquifer releases” what is most relevant, and what spiritual things may be kept or hidden in the “earth’s girdle of silt”. I will make the grammatical correction on the posting and thank you so much for having that keen editorial eye. I really appreciate it!

    My best


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