Minton’s Pond Slide Show

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  1. Ptc,
    This special (our Pub’s first) slide presentation makes me feel very close to home. Your photography, immersed in earth’s greens & blues, delivers a close-to-home feeling for your viewers. Like Sarah mentioned it’s a paradise. Yes, it is. Truly. I enjoyed this & shall revisit many times I’m sure. Have a great weekend.


    • Thanks for the visit and kind words. Had a few technical quirks, not paying attention. I may add a few photos from a more recent visit. Although I showed her face, I don’t want close shots of the other relatives. Ptc


  2. HI Ptc.

    So much enjoyed the slide show and the beautiful environs you feature in this presentation. Reminds me so much of where I grew up — Upper State New York. My mother’s home had a pond with a stream running through, a hillside of woods behind and natural residents including Canadian geese, herons, mallards, dragonflies, yellow finches among other small birds, fireflies and an occasional turtle. We swam in the pond, rowed our boat on it and watched seasons pass in beauty. Thank you for this and the ability to remember what was.

    My Best


  3. Your New York home does indeed sound like a place to bask in nature’s offerings. I am happy to remind you of a place you grew to love. Thanks for kind words.


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