It Is Not the Spirit that Abandons

It is not the spirit that abandons,
All things flesh are by their own nature weak.
It is useless to torture the psyche
for some remedy. No magic voice or
verse, no salty tears nor witch’s evil curse
can cure such eternal malady.

That which was beautiful, now battle scarred
and rent, the tatters flutter in the wind,
It is not the spirit that abandons,
There is some dark power within the beast
that demands its reckoning. Torrential
hammering rains its blows and bruises.

It is not the spirit that abandons.
In the dizziness of lost perception,
when the rocking sea becomes emotion,
there is a brief impulse to surrender
to the winds, to embrace the heady notion
that the universe exists for man.

But then some natural phenomenon
etches its harmony  over top the storm.
It is not the spirit that abandons.
Life is more than birth and dying,
Every song was written to be sung
with the truest tones the soul can spend.


6 replies on “It Is Not the Spirit that Abandons”

And it is that spirit which has kept the pub and this community; albiet just a tad battle scarred, alive and well.

Would be nice to see Rich and one or two other familiar faces; there is time though, there is time.

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Wayne (walkingindarkness) has joined but personal concerns are keeping him from posting at this time. Eventually.

backstreetdreamer will be joining. I didn’t have his email address and just received it yesterday.

I don’t know what happened to Rich. I have sent him 2 invitations and a personal email…all with no response. I’m thinking he is busy with family things and may eventually find us. I’m hoping!

Dee is having major problems with macular degeneration. She had planned to join us this week, but then had to have a needle inserted into the eyeball, which has rendered her vision a mite cloudy.

If you have a way of being in touch with others, let them know to contact for an invite.

We own our name now, so that issue is put to rest..yes!!!

Top o’ the morning to you!


Sarah, this is a poem of possibilities, reconciliation, acceptance, and joy. Singing no matter what happens, singing a solution, feeling harmony in the storm–the title says it. Thank you for this. I have had multiple readings and will have more. With the Spirit that doesn’t abandon, we get up and move on.

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Thank you, Ptc.

You give so much to us here at The Peaceful Pub, through your writing and through your replies. Each time you comment on one of my poems I am so glad that I posted it. “feeling harmony in the storm”..I think that best fits what I was feeling when I wrote and when I posted this one. It doesn’t surprise me at all that you picked up on that. It’s that poet’s soul of yours! : )

My thanks,

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This moved me greatly Sarah. We become so caught up in things over which we have no control. Life batters us and we want to give up at times, but I am trying, hopefully learning how to ‘let go and let God’, singing my song the way I know best, even when it is off key, and listening to the songs of others even when our voices don’t blend.

Thank you for this.




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