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A Puddle








Give me a puddle
with a green tree,
white cloud,
blue sky.

Give me
gathered on grounds
in a pool like this,
a puddle picturing
earth’s blues and greens
mingled as watery art.

Give me a puddle
I don’t want to miss.
Give me a puddle.
I’ll have a happy heart.

7 replies on “A Puddle”


Puddles galore to share here. Your poem makes me remember so well the fun of just jumping in the middle of one for the sheer exuberance of living. No batteries, no directions needed, we knew what to do when a puddle presented itself. Lately I’ve
been happy just to gaze at the reflections, but I think a good splash-jump might be just
what I need, so I read your poem again and felt the delight of doing that.

Thank you!

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I loved seeing “puddled artwork” today during my AM walk. This is a quick write tagging a moment in time, time when it seemed the puddle itself took the picture of the sky. haha I was happy to see the watery art. Jan


I like the way you set the poem up with “give me.” It is such a piece of joyful response to whatever Nature lays at your feet. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

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Until your photo and poem, I had not considered the artwork of a puddle. I had such a memory of splashing in puddles as a child that on first view of your offering I immediately saw myself as a young child wearing a red raincoat and matching galoshes, splashing through that puddle. It brought an immediate smile, inside and out.
Today as I gaze at the photo, I am astounded that I have never in all my years considered the beauty of puddles as the holder of art. That is truly surprising because I have spent hour and hours at the lake or by the river studying the sky from the perspective of its reflection in water. As the years have accumulated, I had come to view puddles as something to walk around. You have given me a great gift with this new revelation and now I’m looking forward to my next encounter with a puddle. Thank you!!


The photo that you have shared with this poem is a work of art. You have a special eye and I am grateful that you have shared it.

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I remember ‘puddled artwork,’ so well. It was best when oil, or some other substance that didn’t quite gel with water made such fascinating, multi coloured swirly patterns in the puddles we used to splash in.

A joyous poem that brought back equally joyous memories.


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