A Patch of Blue


You are like a field of clover
Green, lush, a haven
But you are on the flip side
Up there decorating
The world beautiful
Fashioning our places
In ever-changing hues

As I look up I gasp
At your vastness
You surround the world
In breathtaking beauty
You are an uncluttered path
In nature’s crowded forest
A canvas complete
As an artist steps back to see
A balm to a seeking soul
An answer invisible yet
Visible to the heart’s questions

You are a keeper of lights
A harbor
A home
You are the redoings
Of another day’s doings
Backgrounds remade
With new slants of rays
Offerings of soothing shade

Oh, patch of blue sky
Hopes embroidered
In puffs of cumulus
Amid incoming grays
Oh, patch of blue sky
Keeper of lights
My sigh holder today

When I see you like this
I pretend you have open arms
I notice, too, my feet
My feet are
Still on the ground


  1. Ah Jan,

    You are better than medicine. Thank you for turning my sky to blue by sharing your sky.
    We are having a momentary gray out here. The rain is coming down as if each drop
    were in a race against the next. The sun is too shy to interfere, but skies are blue and
    inviting when I read your ‘Patch of Blue’. What a grand poem of gratitude…what a grand
    way to start the day.

    Thank you!


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    • Today’s sky here is a perfect match for your location’s description. All gray. ‘Tis life with changing skies. This particular picture is less than 24 hours old, & for me it tags a blue, blue sky which I love. I saw (& captured momentarily) this sky yesterday AM in our school’s parking lot. I decided to pen some words while enjoying AM coffee minutes ago, & here you go. Have a nice Friday & weekend.

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      • You did good Jan. The rain now seems like its just washing Earth’s face for the blue sky that is sure to come. BTW, the cyber coffee is just right this morning!

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  2. These leisure mornings with “free” coffee time will soon diminish until holidays & weekends. All good things. . . I can’t even write it. haha


  3. The writer Marcel Proust said, “Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.” You can”t do much better than your cobalt and cerulean blue clouds. I like the phrase “hopes embroidered in puffs of cumulus.”

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    • A sun kissed day, a perfect blue of sky; how good it is to be alive at such times and to be able to truly appreciate with the poet’s eye, the beauty we are gifted for free.

      Lovely poem indeed.


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  4. So uplifting, Jan.

    I just love the lines

    “My sigh holder today.”

    “Backgrounds remade
    with new slants of rays”

    My husband was, again, in the hospital for two weeks
    and in a temporary care unit for two and a half weeks.

    I can relate to the things that help one
    stay positive, stay strong.

    Much enjoyed reading.
    take care,


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