awnings2A fir tree

cooling the rosebush

and blue herons

whose plumage

is half peeled paint,



fanning the lizard

who crawls back

after lying prostrate

before the sun,


and your height

over mine, blocking

too much wind or light,

distance or shadow.



  1. Wendy,

    This makes me feel energized and peaceful all at the same time.
    It is alive and lovely and it makes the world go away. The plumage
    as half peeled paint is a bit of genius. That’s exactly what it looks
    like, but never in all my years have I realized that until this poem…
    this poem that is a bit of paradise. It feeds the soul.

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Sarah

    So glad you enjoyed this one — those awnings are right in my backyard and the last is the love of my life, Jim( as you probably guessed) He’s really quite tall and protects me in many ways.

    Again thank you!
    Take care


  3. “blue herons whose plumage is half peeled paint” caught my attention. I enjoy watching these birds in our roadside ditches and in the marsh at the beach. I may borrow (privately, of course) your metaphor of husband as awning. For fifty-four years I have felt nurtured by his protective spirit. Thank you, Wendy.


  4. Hi Sarah

    So glad you enjoyed this one and deeply appreciate your wonderful response but I am so touched by the fact that you have now included the last few lines in the “bon mots” section. What an honor!

    Hi Mark

    So nice to see you back! It’s good to know that image works and I sincerely appreciate your lovely commentary on this piece!

    Hi Ptc.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I really appreciate it; and am gad you could relate. I , too, love herons and never get tired of viewing them. They are fascinating birds.

    My best to everyone,


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