Reaching for the Light

This day, me, you,
We are all new,
Born again with each breath,
The sound of a song bird
resonant at dawn
changes us, makes us new again,
The hand that holds this pen
is different from the younger one
that held it yesterday.

The words written
seconds ago, just thoughts
swimming around in the psyche,
probably wearing little galoshes
to keep the dura
from between their toes,
Those unbridled words change
both the reader and the writer
as surely as the turning of the page,

We are ever infants
in an infinitesimal universe,
Borne on shaky legs
we stumble, sometimes we fall,
but in our struggle
to stay upright
we turn to face the sun,
for even as infants
we seek warmth and light.


  1. Sarah,
    Thanks for jump-starting this day, Registration Day for the 2017-18 school year. Our little moments are explosions of importances. Loved reading this “pep talk to my psyche” before I go to work this AM–for the morning. (Half work days are beautiful in themselves.)

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  2. I enjoyed this gentle poem. At Navajo Technical University, where I was the Provost, I used to tease students by ordering them not to get any older, which, of course, they immediately ignored. It is in the movement of time that we become who we are, and I think, in a wonderful way, you capture that here.

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    • Thank you for those kind and encouraging words. Thank you, too, for your wonderful article … The Utility of Poetry. I much enjoyed my time at your site and will return often.



  3. Oh my goodness, Jan,

    Seems like you’ve only be ‘vacationing’ for a few days.
    Our schools start early here too…I think the 16th, not sure.

    Wishing you a beautiful year ahead and hoping there will
    always be time for poetry.

    May your half days be blessed as fully as your full days,
    and may your full days be blessed abundantly.

    I’m still kind of sad to think you will have less time to give
    to the shaping of poetry.

    I’m glad to have jump-started your day. That starts my day
    on a happy note.



  4. Well, my finger sljpped and the previous aborted posting is published. If you can, delete it. What I meant to say is that you certainly are a source of warmth and light for the writers here. I am happy to be a part of this group.

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    • Ptc,

      You should see some of my typos. : )
      Your kind words, typos or not, put a smile in my heart and a spring in my step.
      Please know that you are a valued member of this family of poets and writers. It
      is a joy to read your work and to exchange thoughts with you. I am so very glad
      that you are here.

      Thank you!


  5. Hi Sarah

    That first beautiful stanza drew me right in and held me mesmerized throughout the rest of the poem —

    This day, me, you,
    We are all new,
    Born again with each breath,
    The sound of a song bird
    resonant at dawn
    changes us, makes us new again,
    The hand that holds this pen
    is different from the younger one
    that held it yesterday.

    Indeed, the birdsong, the sunrise, the ripple of water or fall of rain, changes us, baptizes us with new hope and perspective. And that becomes the creation, the process that evolves into a poem. How wonderfully you define the act of becoming new, of seeking the light. Each day, instinctivey from our birth memory, we reach for the brightness and the spiritual comfort it gives us as well as the knowledge it subtly imparts. This is truly exceptional!

    Thank you for sharing it,

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  6. Many thanks, Wendy,

    It is close to my heart. I had awakened with a poem in my head and lost it before I could get the pen to write.
    That loss gave birth to this poem. I realized that the moment had changed and changed me. I am always glad
    for your look at my writing. You have a knack for ‘getting it’ every time!



  7. This brought to my mind how every day
    is a chance for a new beginning but also how
    we change and grow as humans with experience
    and years. So we are never the same person
    at 18 that we are at 35, then 50. Always a new perspective.

    Then there are the words
    that change both the reader and the writer.

    Very much enjoyed, Sarah.


  8. Hi Kerri,

    We miss you…but you are always close in thoughts.
    Thank you for looking into this poem and seeing what I felt.
    So very much appreciated.



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