Emancipation Day

Emancipation Day… I sigh,
‘We’ve come a long way baby’
‘Tis no lie,
But brother we have a long long way to go still.
We are right up there in education,
In sport, in commerce and of course
We have oil and natural gas,
The pitch lake… two breathtaking islands
Where beauty and talent abound,
But we have drug and human trafficking,
Gang warfare, kidnappings,
Our young men rape and kill
Their ‘Sistahs’ and ‘Brethren’,
The young, the old, no prejudice there.
All part of the progress package some say,
Is that logic sound?
The older heads long for the ‘good old days’,
I just want to feel safe, not have to worry about our
Children as they make their way in the world.
Emancipation… much to ponder on and pray about today.


  1. Maryse,

    I love that you see your lovely island home as it is and love it just the same.
    I think there is no spot in the world free from the worry and woes of today’s
    madness. May we, as a world nation, find the answers and work together to
    implement them.

    Thank you for sharing this landmark day with us.



  2. Maryse, your words reveal your love of family, country, land, as well as fear and worry about what will be. I think the world today isn’t easy to live in and love. But we try, one day at a time, to be thankful for the love that is near. Thank you for sharing what your heart cares for.


  3. Hi Maryse

    I think you cover the light and dark side of Emancipation day– the beauty of scenery/nature, business prosperity and then the presence of drugs and violence in the country. It’s heartbreaking when such adverse things destroy the life and culture of a people proud and trying to enjoy their freedom. You capture the irony and the need for reform very clearly in this poem. I will pray for you island and its people! Thank you for sharing this timely poem!

    My Best


  4. Maryse,

    troublesome poem in where your love for the island shines through.
    well worded the problems many places in the world are struggling with in nowadays society.



  5. The love we have for our homelands
    does demand we work through the good and the bad.
    A moving write, Sweet Maryse.



  6. Thank you Sarah, I love it warts and all, and there are many. It just angers me that there are people who would think nothing of destroying our home.




  7. Thank you Ptc. Only way to take it, ‘one day at a time’, praying, hoping for the best, but aware of the negatives too.

    It is a beautiful world, but a sad, and weary one too.




  8. Thank you Kerri… because at the end of the day it is ‘home’.

    Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

    All best.



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