Celebrating You

the wind whistles through the pine boughs
making purple shadows on the ground,

Sometimes the sound steals into my brain,
leaves me restless like the whistle of a passing train,
or the night call of a snowy owl.

There are times I fight the urge to fly,
and then again, there are those sometimes
when I spread my wings and head for open sky,

like now, as I lose myself in the dog-eared pages
of a world gone digital…I cherish the printed word
but the splendid pieces shared here

are each one a new miracle
to be celebrated with gratitude.
I do.


  1. It is true Sarah. Modern technology has made so much possible, instant communication, sharing our words and thoughts with people we will probably never meet, but become part of our lives, and yet all that aside, the book in hand is special.

    Enjoyed immensely.



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  2. Hi Sarah

    I am not going to quote a specific passage because I love everyone of them from beginning to end. This is so beautifully voiced. I love how you bring in nature with the pines, snowy owl and restless whistle of a train to set the mood of scene and spirit and then come round to the word of poets and writers. Yes, there is nothing like a real book in hand but the digital world does have its blessings. Namely, the community of poets I have met here at the pub, now word press, and the place you have provided for its inspiration. Many thank yous for that!

    Take care

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  3. I’ll start with a reply to Douglas because he has not yet been properly thanked.

    It was Douglas who kept the archives at the old Pub. Because of him, each time the platform was changed all our work was saved. It has only been the past couple of years that we had the individual forums. Because Douglas had so diligently kept the archives, when we switched to the individual forums format, all I had to do was push a button and make the change. It is true, we lost a lot of cherished work in the move from Yuku, but the opportunity to save what we did was there because of the diligence and devoted efforts of Douglas over a period of years.

    When I look at this new Pub, I am so thankful for each and every one of you and the wonderful work and thoughts that you, both old and new, share here.

    So, Douglas, I thank you, and applaud your perception. I thank you for being here and I await with great anticipation the arrival of the black cat and the white rose bush. : ) Those are favorites, but everything you have shared strikes a chord with me.

    Thank you, Maryse, you have stood by me from day one and listened to every whine and moan about that so called ‘magic wand’ that the other place claimed to have. Not only that, you have brought your beautiful island paradise to us, so that we may by proxy taste the exotic flavors of your lovely universe.I am ever thankful to Willowdown for bringing you to us. I have enjoyed your writing immensely. It is warm and caring and it shows us the world through your gentle eyes.

    Thank you, Wendy,

    You, too, have become a dear,dear friend. I cherish this family and the splendor you have brought to it with your keen insight, top shelf poetry, and compassion for others. I bless the day you found us. Actually as I recall, I knew your work even before there was a Peaceful Pub. You were one of the first poets we published in the Rainbow’s Edge Ezine. We have shared glad times and sad times and I pray that we continue to do so for a long, long time.

    My best to each of you,



  4. Dear Sarah, this is beautiful. I shall reread. (Oh, I imagine I will many times.) Thank you for your mighty efforts to keep a writing space & place for us on the web. Our opportunities for sharing go forward. That is beautiful, too. Yes.


  5. Dear Jan,

    As Sister Sledge sang ‘We are familly’. Thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin,
    for sharing your poetry…beautiful pieces of your heart and soul. It means the world. Your poetry,
    your smile, you caring ways are such a boon to this community as are all the additions you have
    made to it.

    A huge thank you to encompass all,

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    • Sarah,
      Now you’ve got me singin’ o’er here. haha Hmmm, maybe add that one to our song page just for memory’s sake—it will tag our start-ups on WordPress. It just may inspire someone right away, too, as family is so important to all.
      Living the life I’m given,


  6. “restless like the whistle of a passing train,” I heard the sound. I hear it now. “the dog-eared pages of a world gone digital” caused me to reflect on my reading habits these days.
    With a library of books on my Kindle Fire, which goes everywhere I go these days, there are still paper books nearby, like Merton’s Thoughts in Solitude I’ve carried in my purse for weeks and my dog-eared copy of Opal Whiteley”s The Singing Creek Where the Willow”s Grow. Her journal has nurtured my observations of nature since I found it thirty years ago.
    Sarah, thank you for creating the digital space to share with other writers and for your very detailed and encouraging comments to each of us.

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