1990 – 2017

On this day, July 27th. 1990, a group of militants, under the leadership of the head of a Black Muslim group took over our Parliament, the main local tv station, and held our country to ransom. Many lives were lost and many buildings in our capital city and elsewhere, including a police station were burnt beyond recognition. There was widespread looting and our homeland was in chaos.

The first time I visited our capital after that event and saw the destruction, witnessed the heavily armed members of the defence forces patrolling, and smelt the smoke that seemed to permeate the air for miles around, I cried like a baby.

Now twenty seven years later, that same individual has issued a statement warning that the same thing could happen again, cause for great worry.

My beautiful island has been going through difficult times and I pray for better days.

May God bless our nation.


News clip from the evening of July 27th, 1990


  1. Maryse,

    It is articles like this that preserve history in its truth. Text books are rewritten
    to suit the mood of the times. So much of what I learned in the process of my
    ‘formal education’ had to be unlearned.

    Your article is an up close and personal view of that tragic event. There is no
    political agenda, it is a sharing of fact that tears at the heart of both reader and
    writer. Your pieces on your homeland should be put together in a book. What
    a beautiful gift that would be to the world.

    Thank you for sharing this bit of history.

    May God bless your homeland and bring peace to it and to all the world.



  2. “May God bless our nation”

    a cry that is echoed by every country on this globe,
    Those few words could change the world. They
    are our latest addition to Bon Mots II


  3. Thank you Sarah… they are the closing words of our national anthem too, but like you say, a universal plea.




  4. If we could rid this world of the power hungry and the callous, it would be perfect; and then and only then woulds be able to consider ourselves worthy of this beautiful creation we inhabit.



  5. So sad the things human beings sometimes do, Maryse.
    My best wishes always to you
    and for your beautiful country.

    take care,


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