At Home

I see orange, zaboca and olive trees,
Lemon, banana, plantain and palm leaves
Blowing in the breeze.
As ochro and sorrel plants
Nod their heads in time to Nature’s music.
My Mum has just finished a late breakfast,
We slept in a bit… a lazy start to our day.
Once I have finished my coffee
She will have her shower and go out to sit
In the living room to read her newspapers,
Look at tv and pray.
She wears her 98 years well,
Is wonderfully serene,
She asks for so little, but
That is how she has always been.
It is drizzling now and my two little dogs are
Sleeping on towels in the porch.
Every now and then Tawny snores and
Marble’s nose twitches… little angels when they are sleeping.
I miss Cattie dreadfully, I just wish she knew,
And that I am trying to take care of her ‘from a distance.’
I still hope that she’ll decide in the near future
As Sarah said she might do,
‘To allow herself to be caught’
And will rejoin our family.


Zabocas – local name for avocados

Cattie – our semi-domesticated, once feral cat that ran off when we moved but goes back to our old home and is being fed by relatives, our former neighbors with food and treats I send for her and her sometime beau Long Tail on a regular basis.

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Ah Maryse,

You make me hungry and wanting to visit Trinidad. What a delectable smoothie those fruits would make…
(I’m still sipping my lunch…a fresh peach smoothie)

I have confidence that Cattie will be okay. She has Longtail to watch after her, and she has you sitting
watch from a distance. Things happen the way they are meant to, and it all works out for the good. You
took her off the street, got her healthy and gave her love…she will be okay whichever way it goes.

Now as for the poem. I can picture your little corner of paradise in your own yard. You paint the picture
with your pen as surely as if it were a brush. You and your Mum are very blessed. Your poem is much

Thank you!


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You named many of the things I enjoy eating but have to find in the market. I envy your availability of fruit. I think our mothers might enjoy each other’s company. Thank youfor letting me into your world. I enjoyed the visit as I am sipping orange cinnamon tea.

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Hello Maryse,
I loved reading your poem tonight. You give us moments to share your world right where we are. Words are amazing to share. Your mother’s spirit shines through in this. Thank you for sharing. More please. I enjoy your writing.


Hi Maryse

I ,too, loved reading this and could personally relate. Though my beloved mom passed last year at age, 93, I can still remember how she read the paper each morning, drank her coffee at 3 pm each afternoon and shared my love of books, poetry, old movies and nature. Your beautiful poem allows me to relive those memories as well as enjoy the resiliency and the beauty of your mom’s life and soul. And I do pray your beloved feline companion finds her way home. I think it will just take some time. Again, thank you for sharing this lovely and personal poem!

Take care


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