Yin – mostly Yang



Rhythm rose violet
madly erupts spring crocus,
white jacketed dew.


Buttercup opens
warm mother’s milk petals,
pure essence of all.


Solstice sun diamonded
ice gems cover the driveway,
new skates for Christmas.


Ming mountains moving
slowly to humps in dusk,
old men of the planet.



  1. Craig,

    These haiku capture that second of shutter open.
    A vivid second and the image ingrains itself in
    the reader’s field of vision



    The crocus and the new skates are my favorites,
    but each one is significant in its impact.


  2. Hi Craig

    This string of natural observations ( haiku form) are beautiful and flows beautifully as a sequence. It’s hard to pick a favorite, as each one is unique with detail and thought — so I will just say, I like t savor each one for its beauty and image.



  3. Craig, I enjoyed reading your haiku, especially these phrases: “white jacketed dew” and “old men of the planet.” Haiku is a favorite form to me, makes me see more closely. Thank you.


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