Photography poetry



If I could I would
Re-track the past days
And take back what
The doctor has told you

If I could I would
Give you guarantees
Of golds in sunrises
And sunsets long-lasting
Ones which soothe the soul
Like riverside calm

For now
I gather questions
Clasp my hands
Close my eyes
I ask God
To bring me riverside calm
As I call your name

I would not choose
For you to dwell in these
Days of disturbing unrest
Hung up in tangles
Of a malignant tumor’s path

Dear Lord, take care of Rose.
Dear Lord. Remember. Rose.

4 replies on “Wishes”


Rose is blessed to have a poet friend such as you.

Part poem, part prayer, your entreaty has added this reader
to the list of those who pray for Rose.

I hope you will add her to the ‘candle page’.



Much heart-felt love
and caring put onto the page for Rose.
How lucky she is to have someone in her life like you.

take care,


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