The Boys of Summer

Let us celebrate

Celebrate the green carpet
and redheads, freckles

Celebrate the sound of hawkers
on the stairway,

Celebrate the lazy summer
and the longwinded afternoon.

Let us celebrate.

Green eyes as jade
as the emerald city,

The hotdog smells
and shade of the overhang,

The unfolding seats
and the edge to the scenery.

Let us celebrate.

Take me out and away
to a ballgame

In the infinite city
that is contained,

Where are infield cartwheels
for no reason

But being

For there is being.

Let us celebrate.


  1. Mark,

    Celebrate indeed…Your poem could well become the theme song of the 7th inning stretch.

    Your pen has wings with this one. I can see the Boys of Summer reciting it with a
    glistening eye and a glad heart.

    I am so whipped that I shall wait until tomorrow to listen to your reading. I will return to
    both printed word and audio.

    For now I am doing mental cartwheels and celebrating. I love how you move the poem along
    with the repetition.




  2. A feeling a vibrant youth with redheads and freckles
    and green and the infield cartwheels for no reason.
    Lots of joy of the being at the game
    and of life.

    Enjoyed reading.


  3. Mark
    Since spring and perhaps summer
    are eluding us here in New England
    Ill bask in your poem and celebrate
    Like this very much


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