Dragonfly Dreams

June21 148

Without a sound,
you gently glide
in June’s warm air.
Briskly you land,
reverently resting on
fence posts, blooms,
and newest buds.

Transparent wings,
sparkling in sun,
flutter sprightly.
Quick movements end.
Makes one wonder why.

Do you stop suddenly
to think, to dream?
Calm and serene
you are – staring
like a poet.

A pen I’d give
if you could share
dragonfly dreams.
Tell flighty thoughts.
I’d soar with you
in June’s warm air.


  1. “Quick movements end.”– the shift from observation to wondering
    “staring like a poet.”–your connection with him
    “A pen I’d give” and “I’d soar with you”–your gifts to him
    Your poem reminds me how important it is to connect with nature. Dragonflies are some of my favorite people.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ptc,
      Thank you for your insightful comments. This poem was written several Junes ago, and it remains special to me each summer season. Watching dragonflies always captures my attention for these air dancers are delightful.


    • Sarah,
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this particular dragonfly poem and peace was provided. There are several dragonfly poems, but this probably is an author’s favorite.


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