Swamp Litany 1


2012 03 10_4008_edited-1

Atamasco Rain Lilies bloom in the swamp
amid the Mayapple at Easter,
each blossom pedestaled above its naked stem,
channeled soft leaves
lying low
For the Adamasco lily, I am grateful.

Bloodroot pushes its petals,
praying to the light.
One leaf cradles a tender stem;
white petals fall open,
circular satin around a golden center.
When the flower dies
the leaf continues to grow,
feeding the underground rhizome.
Indians used the orange-red root juice
to color baskets and themselves.
For the Bloodroot, I am grateful.

pushes through soft humus
bright green umbrellas
folded around a single white blossom.
A cream-colored sheath beneath last autumn’s leaves
protects the opening parasol.
For the Mayapple, I am grateful.

Creeping Buttercup
green when other plants bear brown
invites curiosity.
Five glassy yellow petals prostrate
bring adult knees to the ground
for a closer look.
For the Creeping Buttercup, I am grateful.

Bird’s-foot Violet
attracts attention first with leaves,
copycat tracks.
Purple blossoms dot the forest floor
and old tall stumps of cypress.
For the Bird’s Foot Violet, I am grateful.

Amen and Amen.



  1. Hello Ptc,

    A beautiful photo, and a poem that gives new appreciation for the swamp
    or at least for its flora. The colors, the images that you create are
    evocative and inviting. Much enjoyed!


    “channeled soft leaves


    lying low”

    “circular satin around a golden center.”

    “bright green umbrellas”

    Poetry in full bloom…great pictures painted here!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautiful poem to read this evening! Your poem’s format is appealing as moments for gratitude repeat in the stanzas. The imagery for nature’s finds is vividly displayed. The repeated Amen at the ending closes this script in a prayer-like exit. I’m called now for a second read. Thank you for sharing your inspiring words and photo.



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