Standard Bearer



Somewhere tonight, Delacroix’s child

steps out of the painting;

her dress torn along with the flag

still uttering its tri couleur refrain,

the cannon smoke behind

spreading thick as pollen in the air. Barefoot

she brings the battle with her —

vigilant in white candles

burning along the street, robust as wine

left in bottles to salute the ship

tossed by waves but never prone to sink;

and mournful in rows of flowers

laid upon the old stone. The street lamps gird

with vine leaves and a legacy of iron.


Note – The Ship quote is the motto of Paris referring to the city as a  ship that may suffer the turmoil of storms but never sink. Today is Bastille day, so I post this poem to honor France and her resillence in the midst of terrorism as well as  a memorial to those who have died in the attacks.



  1. Wendy,

    “tossed by waves but never prone to sink;”

    How beautiful and appropriate that line, for France and for poets,
    and for most everyone at one time or another. I did not know that
    was the national slogan of France. Not only do you give us top
    shelf poetry and presentation, you also enrich my mind with delightful
    morsels that are new to me. I know so little of Delocroix…I remember
    seeing his vibrant battle scenes but I am inspired to get better acquainted
    with him thanks to you poem.

    You never disappoint.

    Thank you!



  2. Vive La France and their resilience in the face of disaster. A fine tribute as they celebrate Bastille Day Wendy.




  3. Dear Sarah, Francina and Maryse

    Your kind words and interest in this poem are so deeply appreciated!! Thank you for your support !

    Take care


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