1. Dearesti Sarah

    What a gorgeous essay reminiscing on the life and legacy of the pub! I ,too, share with you so many fond and endearing memories. It was my second home and always there was the light that kept burning night and day beckoning us to come in with its friendly flame. I loved the story of “Little Nag” by Willow, so creative and human in its own way, the character of this tiny dragon. I can see why you adored it as well as all the drawings and writings of Willow. But beyond that, there is the community of poems we participated in and you allowed us to build. There are many tears to shed but there are new doors that open and we still come together at a new blog. Thank you Sarah for sharing this — it echoes with beauty, endearment and enchantment!

    Take care

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  2. Dear Wendy,

    Thank you. It is an emotional day! BTW that story of little Nag is by me.
    The replies at the bottom of it are from Willow and Maryse.

    Willow used to write letters to Eragon (Little Nag’s twin brother who lives with Maryse)
    and to Little Nag and post them in the prose forum. I am in the process of publishing
    his work on a blog. A lot of his pen and inks are already there…https://smzangpoetry.blogspot.com/

    There are a few of the collabs there now by him and Maryse, and some of my work. I have 38 of his handwritten notebooks of poetry and prose and over 2000 pieces of art work (the originals) by him.
    He was an extraordinary poet and person.

    You are right about both the tears and the new doors. Absolutely.

    Hugs to you,


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