It’s a New Day

Spanking new spaces
And familiar faces,
Thank you Sarah
For finding a way
To keep us together
In fair or foul weather,
You always step up to the plate.
May we realize
How much we are blessed
Like I heard someone say
‘Too blessed to be stressed.’
It’s the start of a brand new day.





  1. Maryse,

    I know how hectic today is for you, and joyful too.
    On the day your new home is blessed you bless
    us with your first poem at this shared poetic home.
    Ample reason for celebration, I’d say!

    Thank you for this poem and for being here.



  2. Hi Maryse

    Amen and yes to everything you say in this poem!! Love the tribute to Sarah, and so well deserved and just the feeling of coming home again in this lovely verse. Thanks for sharing; and indeed, “it is a new day”

    Take care


  3. “spanking new” and “familiar.” Feels like a good place to be. Thank you, Sarah, for your work for the group, and you, Maryse for saying it in a poem.


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