She was born in a moon crater
where the winds are unkind,
Came to earth on a seashell
to a poet who was blind

Then she draped herself in chains
at the bottom of the sea,
and waited in the waters
for the one to set her free

Some old painters caught her contours,
some musicians touched her voice,
but she withheld revelation
for the one who is her choice

who sits somewhere in the distance
under a willow tree,
and has no idea what’s coming
and no clue of what shall be

but they both will bring together
all the sundered halves again,
the dark and light, the young and old
and all the fractures that have been

and then she’ll rise as in a bubble
as if beckoned by a wand,
all behind her she’ll leave silvered trails
to a golden world beyond

and the one that she had chosen
she will leave behind to reign,
with pipers, clowns and jugglers
to command and entertain

then an ancient scroll will be rolled up
on the moon from north to south,
and the sons of god will shout for joy
and the morning stars blow out




  1. Mark,

    It is awesome to see your soundtrack at the new Peaceful Pub!
    Even more awesome to listen to it I have already….twice!)

    You will hate me for saying this…but the first word that came to mind when I read your poem
    is Gorgeous! It is. Let me hasten to say that the poetics are splendid, the imagery and the music
    pleases the soul, the heart and the mind. Beautiful to me is a beautiful word, and this poem is truly
    beautiful. Do you sing or play the guitar or keyboard? This is as good as Dylan (I’m thinking of Bob
    but you can throw Thomas in there too, and it would still stand tall.)

    It would make the top 10 in a week. You show a side we don’t often see and it is totally grand!



  2. Hi Mark

    Everything about this poem is classical excellence from the language to the imagery! I really like how you have characterized the “woman of the apocalypse” in myth and Btiblical terms. I sense she opens born in the moon crater and then left to afloat ashore in a sea shell as Aphrodite or some version of beauty that will change the ancient world, Pre-Christian and then is chained to the Sea’s floor until Christianity releases her. Then she becomes symbolic of The Mother Church or the Holy Virgin looking for the right prophet, savior etc to put the sundered world back together. In the end, it’s beauty of spirit,and humanity that can salvage the world of the past and the one of the future. ( just my take on this marvelous poem)

    The rhyme is subtle but works perfectly in this poem. Also love the use of the willow tree; again symbolic of the tree of wisdom/knowledge/prophecy in both Christian and Druid philosophies. Add to that, a magnificent reading and this is stunning piece to contemplate and thoroughly enjoy. As always, your audio brings the verse alive with intensity and power.

    Very much enjoyed!


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