What The Desert Brings

what the desert bringsSide blotch
or western fence
it’s hard to tell
which  lizard

as he lives in his sliver
of reptilian  chintz
beneath my stove.

Somehow, he knows the summer’s schedule
of light and dark
inching out near dusk

when a drop of water
lingers from the loofah sponge;

and  a few ants  crawl
along the  plaza of porcelain tile
left cool
and scented by the green awning
of  kitchen plants.

He waits, hungering for them
and something beyond as well. Attuned
to each vibration

he raises  his head —  drawing all the soft
energy in the room
around his body  and turns  from the clock
pulling us slowly

into another sphere
where the self  (between glare & shadow)
is not defined
but tinted in different ways.

His presence absorbs our presence
and momentarily
we dissolve,  twilight
(free of age &  pain)

into the miniscule breadth
of beauty.


  1. “he lives in his sliver
    of reptilian chintz”

    Those words waken me to the scene…
    pull me into it, on hands and knees to look him in the eye….

    “he raises his head — drawing all the soft
    energy in the room
    around his body and turns from the clock
    pulling us slowly

    into another sphere”

    I felt these words…felt the connection, the pull…
    You have outdone yourself with this one. It’s
    heartbeat pulses in every line.

    ” momentarily
    we dissolve, twilight
    (free of age & pain)

    into the miniscule breadth
    of beauty”

    Your poem is that beautiful lizard. It accomplishes the miracle
    of ‘dissolve’ into ‘ the miniscule breadth
    of beauty”


    You did something extra special with this one. You always do,
    but this one has something intrinsically spiritual about it. I
    love it!



  2. Thank you Sarah

    For this beautiful and intuitive response to my poem! I am so touched by your insight and kind words, and am glad you could relate. I deeply appreciate it!

    Take care


  3. Wendy,

    Perfect poem. From line one you pulled me into the scene.
    I could vision the lizard clearly. Thank you for sharing such a wondrous poem.



  4. Wendy,
    Imagery in this is phenomenal. I’ve read it twice, and each time I am almost seeing the lizard through your descriptions. Fine poetry.


  5. Magical;that’s the only word that fits here. The imagery portrayed is sublime and the connection you lock into the reader’s mind of the knowing without really knowing how, of that ‘something beyond,’ is quite phenomenally drawn.

    A wonderful poem.



  6. Hi Francina

    So glad you enjoyed this poem and I thank you for your kind words. This lizard is for real and has stolen the hearts of both my husband and myself. He came in somehow through a crack in the abode of our walls or maybe the drain pipe. But in his miniature way, he adds a certain magic vitality to our evenings and life. I feel as artists, we create beauty by recognizing it, honoring it in its living, organic presence. He , if only for a moment, takes away the day’s angst and lets us bask in his delicate but primal magic.

    Hi Jan

    So much gratitude for your kind words and enthusiasm toward this poem! I am glad you could vividly see this small creature and relate to our joy.

    Hi Douglaus

    Many thanks for your interest in this piece and for sharing your wonderful viewpoint! I am humbled by your words and am delighted you enjoyed the subject matter. He is a very real and endearing creature!

    My Best to everyone,


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