Slow Hum



I have the slow hum of Sunday,

not the fast drum of holiday,

playing in my mind.

This slow hum gives a sign

that everything is okay.

Even on no holiday

there’s  simple


in the heartbeat

of fleeting time.


  1. Jan,

    Good morning!!

    “the slow hum of Sunday,”

    I love it! How gentle it is. It is as if you have
    conspired with the birds in ‘my’ trees to start my day
    with peace and beauty. (Or maybe they are looking over
    my shoulder at your poem and that’s why they are serenading
    my world with bird song.)

    “n the heartbeat

    of fleeting time.”

    Purest gold!

    Thank you for starting my day so beautifully.


    Liked by 1 person

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