The Bridal Tree

The Bridal Tree


Planted as his gift

to green or flame, shade and balance…

               From the blessed wood


The rainstorm felled another tree.

Some branches are thin

as the legs of a water bird

and stay suspended in half-flight;

landing or taking off —

its hard to discern the difference.


Drifting in sleep, a woman comes

and leans against the maple

in a white peignoir. Her sleeves

flume the light and her silk gown

catches on the calloused bark

as she looks toward the clouds.


Long-necked and southbound

they migrate like storks

heading toward the coast. She feels

appendaged to the sky’s flock

and the wood’s skeleton. The earth

bids her to fly away or graft

chance to a stronger root

of tree, of bone.


Love can re-grow and her house

will find refuge under the shade

of new leaves. Their boughs

grown strong, ringed with constancy

if she can abide the waiting —

the garden’s hidden bloom.





  1. Wendy,

    This is elegant in message and mechanics. Graceful and lovely, it reflects the maturing of a relationship, The Bridal Tree is the perfect vehicle to take the reader through the storm and into an enduring optimism born of faith and a sure identity. The impact of
    “if she can abide the waiting —
    the garden’s hidden bloom”

    is tremendous. It adds a perfect mix of uncertainty and sure bloom. There is the same anticipation as when waiting for the petals to open.

    Beautiful in every sense, the poetics weaves sounds and scenes that turn a read into an experience.

    I can not imagine life without your poetry. This is a beautiful day!!



  2. Wendy,

    You have accomplished something I don’t know how to do…I like that the picture accompanying your poem only shows on the front page, and not with the poem. How did you accomplish that? All tips are appreciated.
    Please feel free to add any tips you have as a new topic and click the ‘tips’ category when you post. You can copy the ‘tip of the day sign’ for an icon for the post if you wish. (any author can do the same…it will be a help to all of us if everybody shares each new tidbit we discover.)

    Many thanks,


  3. Dear Sarah

    Thank you so much for that lovely compliment regarding my poem!! I deeply appreciate it. I uploaded the picture from my hard drive and pushed and clicked some icons, buttons. Not really sure how I did it but will investigate and get back to you. As soon as I retrace my steps, I will take note and report how. Again thank you!!

    Dear Craig
    So glad you liked the poem and always appreciate your input!

    My Best to you both,


  4. A delight to read your work as always, Dear Wendy.

    I especially like these lines:

    “The earth
    bids her to fly away or graft
    chance to a stronger root
    of tree, of bone.”

    My best,


  5. I enjoyed this immensely Wendy. It speaks to me of fragility, indecision, endurance and the promise of things to come… life cycles beautifully tied up in this bridal tree.




  6. So glad to hear that Maryse
    and I love your reasoning on why you can relate to this poem — so much of what I was hoping to capture in its theme/voice.

    Take care


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