Today’s Tip…adding photo galleries to individual posts…

13-  If you want your photos/graphics to appear with the poem as well as on the main      page,  instead of clicking featured item, place your cursor in the text box, click on ‘+’
‘add’ in the text box tool bar – The photo will appear on the page with your poem as well as on the front page.

12- Adding photo galleries to your post….


11- I spoke with Dee, who will join us soon.  She unintentionally gave me a great tip.
She mentioned that she thought looking for a photo for each poem could be restrictive.
I realize that is so.  An easy fix…for those who are not photographers are do not have
access to pictures they can use, it is fine to choose one signature picture to post with
all your poems.  It could be your avatar, your signature (made into a jpeg) or it could be
any favorite photo or graphic that you choose (family rated of course).

10-  I found an article while surfing WordPress (The Utility of Poetry by Thomas Davis)
that I thought might be of interest to our family of poets and writers. I used the share button at the bottom of the article to post a link to it.  It is something that I hope all of you will do as  you find material that you think would have benefit. I hope you will all enjoy the article that I linked to and will respond to it with a like or a comment.

9- Photos, whether profile or with posts must be jpeg or gif.  PNG, and BMP will not work.

8- Changing your avatar (profile photo)  Steps to changing your WordPress profile photo:

(a) click on avatar in blog tool barchanging avatar 1

(b) click on “my profile”

changing avatar 2

(c) click on Change your photo
changing avatar 3

7- The Community Gallery of Avatars on the bottom of the sidebar will hold 50 photos.  We now have more than 50 visitors and members who have posted work or comments on the new Peaceful Pub. This means that at any given time there are a group of avatars in the gallery that are not showing. Each time you refresh the page, it will rearrange the
avatars. If you should notice your avatar is missing from the gallery, rest assured it will return.

6- Ten titles will list under each author’s name. The eleventh post will push out the link to the oldest one, but that post will show when one clicks on the appropriate category. It will also show in the monthly archive. Your work is linked in multiple places so it will never  become inaccessible.

5- MSS shared this tip.. “To post a sound recording from soundcloud, click ‘share’ and
then ’embed’.  There’s actually a box to check for WordPress right next to the link.  You
simply copy and then paste that on its own line to your WordPress post.”

To listen to those recordings just click on “Readings of our work”.  Thanks to Mark for
showing us a new feature and for creating a new category.

4-  Be sure to mark the appropriate category for your post.  That will assure the search engines will pick it up and list it in each of the categories you designate. You can choose as many categories as fit your post. If a new category is needed it can be added.  The more categories, the better the coverage.

3- Here are some icons to use if you choose not to add a photo, drawing, or painting to your  post. You may also use any of them for your avatar.  Once somebody claims one of these for their avatar I will remove it so it will be theirs, and replace the spot with a different icon. Feel free to copy them. (each one is a separate file.)

gold button                     cross                                   tree                            1292dfb0-1959-4d38-b0f1-d953dadb824d                                             Scrolled_and_Quill_Pen_PNG_Image.png

Using a photo or an icon will prevent your post from showing as a gray box on the front page.

2-To change an avatar, go to profile: at the top left click on the assigned avatar. It will  give you the option to load an  image from your computer.  You can change it as often as  as you choose.

1-  You may add any picture that you choose with each post.  If you don’t add one, it will
leave a gray square with the title. To add  a picture to your post, click on the plus sign in the circle  (the first icon in your post box tool bar.)  Then click on ‘add new’.  You can load the photo from your computer or via url.  If you have issues with adding photos, let me know and I’ll help.  If you don’t want the picture to show with your poem but only on the front page where it is featured,  just click on “featured image” and add the picture from there.  It will show on the front page with your title, but will not show when your poem opens.

The core members of The Peaceful Pub join together to provide a reading and writing experience for the benefit of all. We welcome you to leave your comments on the work  here and to leave a link to your own blog.

Eventually, one of the core members will accept the task of filling this space with a featured post of the week.

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