The Wall


Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,
That wants it down.                     – Whitman


Humpty D. sat on it,

looking rather stoic,

not musing or bird watching,

just starkly sitting.


Egg, cannon, alien, boss –

perhaps policing construction –

does he fall benevolently home-ward

or destined to stay in pieces and debt?


As he arrogantly explained to Alice,

“When I use a word,

it means what I choose it to mean”.

The truth prosopagnosia is telling.


Of course all the King’s men

are busy interpreting reality,

but thought it clever to suggest

replacing the fallen with solar panels.




  1. Craig,

    Wry and timely! I would like to crack a few eggheads. When I remember how
    we celebrated when the Berlin wall came down, I am astounded that anyone
    would consider building more walls as a viable option. But then I still can’t figure
    why anyone voted for him in the first place…OOPs that will probably offend someone..
    I’ll behave. I love your poem…looking forward to more.

    If you run into issues, email me and I’ll get you an answer. I have another blog on
    wordpress but it’s just poems. Check it out…I’ll be posting both places…
    Francina has a beautiful blog that is truly a blog so we will pick her brain too…hers is at


    • Walls keep people in as well as out. Eventually they all crumble, though mostly not before they have wreak their havoc.


  2. Never thought that after the Berlin wall, there would be still world leaders who think it’s the answer to their problems.

    You perfect nailed the situation with your poem.



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