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At Day’s End


Even on top of the highest dune
one cannot see beyond the horizon,
only watch how the waves break –
and see the water drops rejoin,
to become a part of the sea again.
Is it not with our life the same?
For we cannot see a new tomorrow
just how the day comes to an end –
and at night we gather our thoughts,
in such way, to be a part of all again.

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So very beautiful. You are an artist through and thorugh!
I can taste the salt air, feel the sand beneath my feet
(and between my toes). This photo takes me home, even
though it is of another beach in another place. You have captured
the essence of the shore and the sea.

Your poem is as lovely as the photo, and the two walk hand in hand
toward a greater vision of the horizon, of life itself.

It is always a joy to experience your talent, and a special boon to see
it here at this new home.

Thank you!!




Still learning here. I posted a reply with my other account and it is not showing. I’ll have to check my settings.

Anyway, I love this photo and the poem. They call me home to ‘my beach’ (the eastern seaboard of the US)
How I miss the sea and the sand. You have brought it to me with this offering.

Beautiful, thoughtful and wise, just like the poet/photographer/artist who shared it,

thank you!

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Hi Francina

Love, love the quiet, philosophical tones in this piece! You compare the day’s cycle/ and its human rhythm/habits perfectly to that of the sea and tides. This has a lovely voice, one that soothes and leaves me reflective in the best possible way.

thank you


Lovely thoughts to end the day and make me look forward to tomorrow.

Peaceful and reflective, just like the accompanying image.



Francina, the comparison works for me. As I get older, the ending of one day joining the next, keeping on. I liked the footsteps in your photo walking to see the waves breaking.


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